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Imagine the joy of creating restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own home. Picture yourself impressing your family and friends with mouth-watering meals that burst with flavour and aroma. With Hooyos House spice blends, you can turn recipes into reality and become the chef you’ve always wanted to be.

Confident Cooking, Impressive Flavour

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or your friends, elevate your meals effortlessly with Hooyos House spice blends. Impress guests with unforgettable flavours, expand your cooking horizons, and ignite creativity in the kitchen by adding depth and complexity to your dishes..

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Ayan Jaamac

Love love love all your seasonings.

Passing Traveller

Hooyo's Perfect Chicken, Meat, and All-Purpose Seasoning have changed my life, my cooking and improved my nutrition and gym performance. They've saved me money by allowing me to stop depending on take-aways. Now I make healthy and delicious dishes at home. Best on the market highly recommended!


Amazing spices!!!, seller provided fantastic customer service. Will absolutely be reordering in the future.

Mohammud Yousuf

I like how fresh they smell and the taste they add to any dish.

Justmy2cent Hey

Amazing spices that even my children love , this momma knows her thing . My food finally feels like restaurant food lol who knew all I needed was hoyoos spice lol , BUY IT NOWWWWW!!!!

Sabirin Omer

Always amazing! I’m in love with the hooyos house spices, I use them every single day and they’ve reduced my time in the kitchen dramatically. It’s perfect for beginners like me who want to showcase skills to guests. Literally comes out perfect every single time, exactly like wedding food

Crafted with Tradition, Perfected with Quality

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About Us

Hooyos House creates high quality, easy-to-use, dry seasoning blends that are enjoyed worldwide. Effortlessly create authentic east African dishes without compromising on taste.

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Join us as we explore the vibrant flavours, fascinating stories, rich history, tantalising recipes and essential ingredients that make East African cuisine truly exceptional.

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