How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger For Less

Itʼs been proven that room colour and bedding affect people in many ways. The colours in a room can give an insight into a persons personality, mood and thoughts. You donʼt need to follow fashion trends to make your bedroom/bedding beautiful as fashion comes and goes. However, it is the people who live in the house that make it a beautiful home by choosing colors that reflect their personalities. Here are a few clever tricks I use to make my small bedroom beautiful, airy and appealing.

Wallpaper and Colour

Choosing the right colours for the walls is one of the most important steps. It can make the biggest difference in transforming it into an airy, open and inviting bedroom. Furthmore, using cool colours such as white, pastels and cooler undertones are known to create an optic illusion of a bigger and brighter room. As a result, the light of the walls and the natural light beaming through the windows become reflective. This makes a space feel more spacious and lifts the mood. On the other hand, dark colors tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller.

Traditional Style Bedroom

Looking at the picture above you can create an illusion of space by using cooler colours on the walls and floor to expand your space.
Warm colors on walls include the colors red, orange, yellow, and perhaps brown (a warm neutral).  Cool colors are thought to include blue, green, purple and often grey (typically a cool neutral).  Whites can be warm or cool depending on what undertones are used, eg Magnolia.

Looking the picture above, you may notice that there are so many cool undertones from the bedsheets to the curtains and walls. However, the coolness is broken up by the added warm undertones of the bedʼs headboard, the metallic rose gold table lamp and the greenery of the twigs. I love this room.

Itʼs good to balance both warm and cool undertones when decorating as it provides a good balance to a room. Using cool colours are
often associated with tranquility, however, if used in itʼs brightest hues like turquoise or apple green, the colours shout vitality and energy. Nonetheless, too many cool colors in a room can make a space feel cold and unfriendly.


Allowing natural light inside opens the room up and makes it look bigger. If you do not have access to natural light like me (eg. through large windows that can instantly connect the room with the outdoors), you can use sheer window coverings. Also, you can pull them back completely to allow more light in. The problem sometimes is that the view may be bad. In this case you can use plants and flowers near the windows.

Elegant room with a slight monochrome colour style

Mess and Clutter

There is nothing more that I dislike than having way too much items or pictures in a room. Try to not cover your walls with a lot of pictures. I use one sentimental large decorative clock just above my headboard and I feel that is more than enough. Infact, it is my focal point and it allows make my bedding to become the feature and star of the room.
If thereʼs too much going on and all clamoring for attention, it can make the room feel busy and crowded. Therefore, I even make sure to keep my decor like plants to a minimum. Another excellent idea to consider is keeping the floor clear of items too.

Simple and elegant room


One of the best features of any bedroom in my opinion is the bedding, accessories and decor. Getting this step right can transform the look of the room and drab bed into a beautiful piece of art.
I usually stick with lighter shades such as neutral tones for duvet covers. Also, when I use patterns I make sure to keep it small and muted because drawing attention to your bed with bright colours dwarfs the rest of the room. Furthmore, I completely love the idea of blending the bedding with the wall as that is one way to add to the illusion of space.

I know some people love to use brighter colours and I advise using using accent cushions and small decorative items to bring in the colour. This can by achieved by using bright fuschia orchids or a magazine. Infact, using a duvet cover with a muted soft small pattern works far better and adds a more spacious feeling than those with a larger brighter pattern.

Blue and grey bedroom

What are your personal preferences and what are your techniques to make a room look more spacious. Please leave me a comment below, I always love and welcome engaging with my followers. Also, if you dont already follow me on Instragram and tag me with your designs and ideas.

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